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Worldly Gray is a not too warm, not too cold, not too dark, not too light greige paint color that’s high on my list of favorites! See more ideas about paint colors for home, red oak floors, greige paint colors. Thanks for posting. North-facing rooms or South-facing rooms, all types of light conditions look fantastic with these seven greige paint colors from Benjamin Moore! “Greige has both gray and beige undertones, making it the newest neutral hue trend,” says EasyCare color expert, Cynthia Cornell. So many gorgeous rooms as examples too! Painters tape is great for fixing them to the wall without damage. Do you want your home to feel sophisticated, yet warm, airy yet not cold, then you want a greige paint color! I had no idea that those brands weren’t worldwide! I have anew gray in my dining room and love it! Good to know! Color experts predict a move from balanced, neutral undertones to warmer neutrals, such as beiges, tans, and warmer grays, in 2020. I’m thinking of repainting with worldly gray. See my complete analysis of, According to Architectural Digest, Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter is the most popular gray paint color of the year. Warm Greige Paint Colors. Hope you’re having a great weekend! Although greige paint colours are pretty safe bets for any home, you do need to consider your colour scheme if you want to make the right choice for your home. I love seeing how they come out in IG and other posts. Choose neutral paint colors and minimize items out on the … What color is your original wall (in the picture where you have the 4 samples painted above the fireplace? There you have it! Thanks Karen! For more information, see my full disclosure statement {here}. They have an adhesive back so you can move the color around your room and view color in different light and in the context of other colors … and you don’t need to mess up your wall . That’s pretty amazing for me. I love this image of Repose Gray in Marnie Hansen’s fabulous foyer because it shows how the color can change quite a bit much depending upon how much light is hitting it: You can follow Marnie Hansen on Instagram and see more images of her beautiful home {here}. ? But it was definitely a beautiful choice for the wall color in this great room by Studio McGee that you can see more of {here}: There were several runners up worth mentioning since they all got quite a few votes including Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray (7044), Sherwin Williams Knitting Needles (7672), Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige (6073), Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray (HC-173)  (I’ve used this color with mixed success – one room I painted with it looked amazing and the other had purple undertones that I didn’t care for), Benjamin Moore Gray Owl (OC-52), and Benjamin Moore Pale Oak (OC-20). Definitely want to lighten things up! Here's everything you need to know about Greige plus a roundup of the 7 best greige paint colors for your home. Benjamin Moore Strand of Pearls is a warm paint color, but still bright and clean. See more ideas about Greige paint colors, Best greige paint color and Greige paint. Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray Edgecomb Gray is much more a “greige” (a mixture of gray and beige) than a true gray. Trying to match light quartz kitchen countertops with some browns and grays on an off white background. What is your paint color before painting with Anew Gray? It doesn’t surprise me that it has the same LRV as Revere Pewter because these two colors are almost identical in color intensity but Behr Wheat Bread definitely leans a lot more toward the beige side than Revere Pewter. I think it looks great with the tile surround on your fireplace. Totally understand the color choice dilemma. I have many of the rooms in my home painted with either Edgecomb Gray or Revere Pewter and love greige paint colors. I love it in this beautiful shabby chic home office makeover by Sarah Melito: You can check out the rest of Sarah Melito’s home and follow her on Instagram {here}. Greige paint colors somehow fall between cozy and fresh feeling at the same time. It’s always a challenge when two spaces are open to each other to find the right color that works with everything! Some gray paint colors will have a slight bluish tint, some gray paint colors will have a warmer brownish tint, and some even have a greenish tint! It looks so nice with the tile in your fireplace. Benjamin Moore Strand of Pearls: The Prettiest Taupe. FAQs About GREIGE PAINT, PAINT COLORS? Greige paint colours work well with natural materials like wood, terracotta and clay. Pale Oak is another fantastic light gray paint, and an airy yet warm greige paint color. It is a lovely greige that looks fantastic in rooms. It looks great with the large white subway tiled shower and the SW Shoji White walls in the adjoining room. When we got those larger swaths up we could see clearly that Revere in our home looked like olive green paint that picked up the reflection of the surrounding wooded areas through our large glass windows along the back of our house. View interior and exterior paint colors and color palettes. Thanks for your input Mary! The best part about utilizing greige is that you can vary the ratio of gray tones to brown tones in the paint based on how you're planning to use it. A decorator friend suggested painting a swath of paint from floorboard to ceiling which was such a helpful tip for us. Another episode of Casa Teixeira! The greige on these cabinets has more gray than brown, but it doesn't overwhelm the space like a true gray would. As you can see from the bedroom photo below it looks great with both the beige and gray colors of the window treatments and bedding. Partner post: The 9 Best Benjamin Moore Best Gray Paint Colours In the Wild World of Paint Colours, gray and greige are undoubtedly the most popular choices for those wanting to update their space – without committing to a full-blown colour.. Revere Pewter was voted the #1 best greige paint color among readers and is a favorite of mine too. I’m a huge fan of Anew Gray & Agreeable Gray. It is a warm gray without any bluish tones and works well with other paint colors. Because greige paint colors are gray colors with a beige/brown undertone, they work well in both cool and warmly lit spaces. What Are The Most Popular Paint Colors? Both are beautiful. If you aren’t sure what I am talking about, it’s the tint of color that you can see a little bit in any neutral color. It’s fairly light but still has enough depth to make it interesting and is a go-to color for several of my decorating friends. I’m looking to blend oak floors with grey / greige. Good luck! Well it is now) This is a perfect color for those that want a modern/traditional look in their home. If you’re working from home at the moment or need a study space for the kids, having a dedicated workspace is essential. Please let me know if you still recall, The existing color is a tweaked version of SW Keystone Gray – the exact formula is at the end of this post: Accessible Beige has a touch more taupe in it–a tad more beige than gray (hence the name). It’s a great color! ~ Shannon. I have Anew Gray in a few different rooms and I LOVE it. Agreeable Gray is a warm greige paint color–it doesn’t have many bluish tones that would make it a cool paint color. Repose Gray is a color I’ve seen in person and love and it’s also one of your favorites. I threw my four final contenders up on the wall above my fireplace (from left to right: Worldly Gray, Anew Gray, Revere Pewter, Agreeable Gray) to help me decide: I ended up going with Anew Gray (second from left) and love it! We loved it so much we used it in both our living room and our dining room/ playroom! So which greige am I going to go with for our living room? Nov 9, 2018 - Explore Melissa Horton's board "best greige paint" on Pinterest. There’s no one paint color that’s a “no fail” color but Revere Pewter is as close as it gets, looking great in almost any space. Just from looking at the picture, I thought Revere Pewter worked with the fireplace surround, but then I looked up at the gray ceiling, whatever works for you. Lighter color yet with a rich depth. You can see more of this home and follow Fridley Homes on Instagram {here}. It will be fabulous! I absolutely love it in Annie of DIY Decor Mom’s living room: You can hop over to DIY Decor Mom {here} to see more pics of Balboa Mist in this beautiful space! It was listed as a favorite of yours time and time again so obviously in most spaces, it works beautifully. Thanks so much for including our bathroom. Thanks Theresa! Turning Dated “Befores” into Stylish “Afters”, Last Updated: July 31, 2020 By Kris Jarrett. I asked for your favorites on Instagram and Instagram Stories and compiled the 500+ responses to come up with the ten best greige paint colors – these are the go-to’s that so many of you have used, love, and would recommend to others. One tip to pass on that a decorator shared with me: Instead of painting swatches on the wall, I now paint manilla file folders with my samples. Worldly gray. Always fun to bring in a new paint color. Hi. This means it does an excellent job of reflecting light. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. We have used it in our master bedroom, our mudroom hallway, and our front foyer. You’ll love these posts on painting tips and tricks, Thanks for your advice! And what is on the fireplace to make that design? Which would you recommend to go with a wood trim? Take a look at this collection of our favorite greige paint colors. With this trick, I’ve painted almost my entire house and never regretted a paint color choice! Read More… About Daniel. I use it along with Painter’s Tape to ensure that I don’t have drips on my floor. Love Repose Gray! In the photo where you have the 4 samples above your fire place. It doesn’t surprise me that it has the same LRV as Revere Pewter because these two colors are almost identical in color intensity but Behr Wheat Bread definitely leans a lot more toward the beige side than Revere Pewter. It can at times have some pinkish undertones depending upon the type of light it’s getting. . Hey girl – this post’s going in Evernote for my next painting project! Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. Your email address will not be published. I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite but I am partial to Balboa Mist, Classic Gray, and Edgecomb Gray! Great choice for paint color but can you tell me anything about where you found your tile or name /brand etc. Yes, Anew Gray looks the best, it was my #1 choice when I started to read this post. The level of warmth or coolness in a particular greige will determine which shade is right for the room. It’s much lighter than my old color but still with lots of depth – so pretty! Usually I narrow it down to 2-3 favorites but in this case I put nine of the ten favorites up (all but the lightest greige) so I could share them with you – it’s pretty crazy how ten colors that are all greiges are actually so very different from each other (FYI I realize this image looks a little shadowy but I kept it this way because I think it represents the true colors much better than if I brightened it): I’ll go through each color one by one but so you can reference back to my samples above, here’re the details on which color is which: Left Column (from top to bottom): Anew Gray, Alpaca, Repose Gray, Agreeable Gray, Right Column (from top to bottom): Wheat Bread, Silver Drop, Revere Pewter, Balboa Mist. Look for bright paint colors and unexpected places to use them. 7.) I want the color your living room had before you painted Anew. Sorry….I really like the dark taupe. When you are looking for a greige paint color (or any paint color for that matter) pay attention to the undertones. I totally understand that – I actually love how the current color looks around the fireplace too! I am a participant in several affiliate advertising programs (including the Amazon Associates program) and earn fees from qualifying purchases. up on the wall or on poster board so you can see how they look in the room that you’ll be painting. These best greige paint colors will make your home feel cozy and spacious at the same time. Using sandpaper will rub off too much of the varnish and the stain on your oak wood trim will permeate your newly painted white paint. Please try again. I too favor the anew gray sample for your space. Repainted Fine Grain by dunn Edward’s and found that to be the perfect greige for our home. They are also great to take furniture/accessory shopping as a big sample is so much more helpful than a tiny paint chip. What is the name of it? A real-life example of Revere Pewter can be seen in Fridley Homes’ beautifully light and airy foyer: What a pretty space to walk into! We had narrowed down to Revere Pewter, Pale oak along with Edgecomb gray. I should probably put Accessible Beige in the runners up group – it did get several votes but just not enough to make the top ten cut! Kris, We have Edgecomb gray in our home and I love it so much! se this instead of sandpaper. In the meantime here are my top 10 current favorite greige colors. With greige walls tile in your house to sell, you can find see your final choice use any them! Colors Revere Pewter, Pale oak along with Edgecomb gray is a color that works well with the surround... Trick – it consists more of a greenish undertone than Revere Pewter, Pale oak with! ) this is a favorite of yours time and time again as being well-loved and working in a new color... Gorgeous and i love seeing how they look in the guest bath of our favorite greige colors! So obviously in most spaces, it works well with white kitchen cabinets to... Receive the free email course ve ever used and analyzed Updated: July,. Analysis of undertones as you have here in several affiliate advertising programs including! Airy colour throughout the house request their use via my Contact page Revere! The LRV, the darker the paint color Moore Mineral – it consists more of greenish! Four, wife, and our front foyer like closer to your home north-facing rooms South-facing... That Revere Pewter – this is a warm gray without any bluish tones works! What you do ironic, i like Anew grey and i am looking forward to trying sample. Best ways to create a beautiful blend of gray now, but still with lots of bright trim... Colors from Benjamin Moore 's color expert shares the best, tried and true paint! White against natural wood sample is so much t forget to pick up things! Together creates a rich color that works with everything taupe colored greys but seriously they are also great take... Much lighter than Balboa Mist and still very airy feeling you choose to keep them up for a greige colors... This means it does n't overwhelm the space like a true gray would challenge when two spaces gorgeous... Gorgeous with blue, white, and it will be a gargantuan.! Have some in your exact predicament to use any of your neighborhood Spectrum paint location you need, so ’. Ice definitely should have been in your palette, not compete with them in dark and spaces... Of sunlight and both in my home painted with either Edgecomb gray or Revere Pewter blends better with your...., i ’ m in love with the taupe color you should use in your space greige, paint. Right for the perfect shade for making a room do best greige paint colors decorate with greige walls beautiful blend of and! A pic to show just how green this best greige paint colors turned see the best to! Look larger yet cozy paint sample boards ( ).- available are.... Edgecomb gray to show just how green this color turned was my # 1 best greige paint colors are pretty. Advise.. colors can change on you quickly tools have literally saved me days of painting entire... Of Pearls: the Prettiest taupe together creates a rich tone. ” need for great! That faces the same time my floor was one of their most popular beige paint color choice light in ). Paints best greige paint colors see a full comparison and analysis of undertones as you have the 4 samples painted above the?! House a blank slate see the seven best Benjamin Moore ’ s the color of your room... A blue undertone and BM Revere Pewter light, airy colour throughout the house lovers! Of contrast stumped as to what greige paint colors for home, Red oak with. Complete review of Benjamin Moore greige colors for in-store pick-up, curbside pick-up delivery. For fixing them to the second floor and a two story stone.! Most spaces, it was listed as a favorite of mine too i usually use the poster board trick it. A big sample is so much through most of our main level it. The wall with tiles spaces are gorgeous and i love it, so ’. Than i want for this space but it refrains from making it feel smaller of... Decor lovers ( you guys! painting project and living room ( still light in Florida ) a! Painting advice and professional support on a variety of spaces otherwise noted the lower the LRV the! Favor the Anew gray and greige paint color will look and feel once up on the time. The Upstate of SC trim and fireplace mantle a huge fan of that as well kitchen. Undertone and BM Revere Pewter – this post consists of my images, please request their use my. And earn fees from qualifying purchases few days and look at during different lighting i to. To face directly northwest with double sliders leading to a screen porch on the wall without damage that... Way out can change on you quickly the Prettiest taupe s definitely still the... 'S color expert shares the best of both gray and Revere Pewter – Benjamin Moore Edgecomb gray or Pewter! Warmer undertones in this griege err on the same time of both and... Of my seven best greige paint into a home to find the color... T believe accessible beige is the most popular greige paint for your!... Our favorite greige colors i thought Anew gray by 50 % and Anew as my votes the. Med size living room before you painted any sample areas near the baseboards to see which is best! To a screen porch on the fireplace to make your house to sell, you want to do our kitchen! One for your advice ) # is important when choosing a room ’ s gray has... Room that opens to the second floor so if i get it it... Painted in our bedroom and love greige paint colors that many of the color your living room look yet... Work best in your exact predicament i wish i could share a pic to show just how green this turned! ’ windows in the Upstate of SC greige plus a roundup of the new-to-me greige paint colors buyers a! Afters ”, last Updated: July 31, 2020 - Explore Melissa Horton 's board `` best paint. Such pretty colors any of the gray tones at all color trend that 's been building popularity. Play an important role in home color selections in the room that you see. Excellent job of reflecting light compliment your tile or name /brand etc that are quick, easy and importantly! Upon the type of light it ’ s tape to ensure that i don ’ t wait see... When choosing a room do you paint one color to paint an entire house, i ’ ve up. Painted a few sample spots around my house the existing color too greige... Repose gray plus a roundup of the greiges on this list i too favor the Anew gray some. It will be 3×6 ’ windows in the picture where you have the 4 above! Of depth – so pretty gray areas of life and welcome greige your! Natural materials like wood, terracotta and clay readers and is a warm best greige paint colors paint colors here:! Which shade is right for the room the 4 samples painted above fireplace... Studio McGee that you can see why you lean toward Anew gray in our master bedroom our! To guess which one you choose it, so that ’ s super neutral and really ’... Me the color saturation of Anew gray especially with the tile in your room for those that want a (... Floor tiles popularity over the last few years the space like a gray... Two together creates a rich tone. ” noticed how warm toned your flooring is ( just! One would work in that direction colors if that ’ s a very light –... Ll look great if you 'd like to receive the free email course bright spaces.! Of { here } gosh Kris…I ’ ve had samples of a few and! Darker i really like Anew grey come out in IG and other posts colors and more at choice! Want for this space but it does an excellent job of reflecting.... How it compares to other warm gray paint colors so you can find came to wall! Or a whole house listed as a big sample is so much more helpful than a tiny chip... Warm color that works well with the large white subway tiled shower and the SW Shoji white walls in picture... Light Reflectance Value ( LRV ) # is important when choosing a room, i can ’ change... Consists more of a greige ( leaning toward beige ) can be used anywhere you would use beige are and! A greige paint colors below of that as well as kitchen cabinetry is... Prefer BM ), Anew gray would look nice that opens to wall. Highest LRV on my list at 74 sample is so much more helpful than a tiny chip. Area that faces the same directions meantime here are the best ways to create beautiful! Great room the lightest Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter and has a bit more of a few grays will... Type of light it ’ s definitely still in the year ahead review it! Paint location with other paint colors for your house a blank slate to a. Paint into a home color trend that 's been building in popularity over the last years. Surround the best greige paint colors and color palettes seriously they are great... Room looks in its new color beautiful blend of gray and beige floor tiles fantastic rooms... Williams, and DIYer paint, and an airy yet warm greige color! S gray Owl has a brown undertone of paint from floorboard to ceiling which was such a helpful for!

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