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Something off topic here. USS Iowa and New Jersey -VS- IJN Yamato and Musashi. Izumo is bit meh but is very resiliant vs AP but suffers greatly vs HE. En parte depende del clima: si el clima está despejado, los cañones de 18 ″ del Yamato / Musashi de rango más largo podrían usarse al alcance máximo, aunque con poca precisión. Yamato (大和) was the lead ship of her class of battleships built for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) shortly before World War II.She and her sister ship, Musashi, were the heaviest and most powerfully armed battleships ever constructed, displacing 72,800 tonnes at full load and armed with nine 46 cm (18.1 in) Type 94 main guns, which were the largest guns ever mounted on a warship. Bismarck VS Yamato. I consistently get better patterns with Musashi and I feel that this is a real thing. e.g. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. r/WorldOfWarships: A game about huge boats. Musashi has on either side 1 triple 155mm turret firing AP every 12 seconds as opposed to 3 twin 127mm turrets firing HE every 5 seconds on Yamato. Secondary batteries, too. AbyssalKageryu wrote: No, how about Yamato, Musashi and Shinano vs that Alien mothership from 'Battleship' Now that's something I hadn't even thought about. Post Jul 08, 2018 #13 2018-07-08T13:03. Gunner Bob. 04-03-2015, 10:25 AM #2. Poor old PoW. Era líder de la claseYamato y junto con su buque gemelo, el Musashi, fue el acorazado más pesado y fuertemente armado jamás construido gracias a su desplazamiento de 72.800 toneladas a plena carga y sus nueve cañones de 460 mm. One would expect the US ships to be in line ahead, in the order just given. Why? The legendary samurai Musashi Miyamoto is said to be the strongest of his time and possibly the strongest samurai ever. Re: Yamato and Musashi vs. Missouri and Iowa Post by admiralscheer89 » Fri Jul 30, 2010 10:37 pm My money would be on the Japanese ships, they showed an uncanny ability to deal with damage sustained in battle, both bombs and torpedoes (plunging fire/direct salvo). That means Yamato and Musashi leading as much of the rest of the battle line as could be put together, against 2-4 Iowa class, 2-4 South Dakota class, and maybe the North Carolina class. The difference is that Musashi is a T9, meaning that you will be at a disadvantage against her if you are in a T9 BB of your own since you cannot overmatch it unlike Yamato vs Yamato engagements at T10. However, in Yamato's first main gun engagement of the day, at 0700, Yamato achieved a straddle on the second salvo, at 34.5k yards, in before morning nautical twilight conditions. El diseño de la Clase Yamato de acorazados estuvo marcado por los movimientos expansionistas del Imperio del Japón, su poderío industrial y la necesidad de una flota lo suficientemente poderosa como para intimidar a sus adversarios. Its an oddball for the line but i will grind through it, i will also buy musashi so i have trainer for isokuru that dont have gimmik and totally different build like Kii with AA. I … Yamato is a sniper, which combined with her overmatch makes her nine guns competitive at tier X. Musashi’s guns lack the accuracy (as well as access to the Unique Upgrade to improve it even further) to have the same kind of effectiveness. Never mind. I also have 680000 free XP. Background History Edit. . She retains the class's fearsome 18.1 … El Musashi fue el segundo acorazado de la clase Yamato, diseñado por la Armada Imperial Japonesa en 1937. Yamato, Musashi & Shinano vs Godzilla. What I meant to ask was, is there an easy way to tell them apart when they were in the same "state?" Omega. It took one Iowa class to the damage it received imagine 3 Yamato's. Yamato's 127mm DP guns shoot faster. Post Jul 07, 2018 #1 2018-07-07T22:06. 655 111. Por jack_ryan, 11 de Junio del ... Encima le dieron mucho mas duro que al Yamato. EDIT: To clarify: Your post compares Yamato in her 1945 configuration to Musashi in her 1944 configuration. One game I was getting great patterns out of Yamato … Bismarck vs. Yamato: This Would Have Been the Ultimate Battleship Battle. He was cloned from tissue in his spine, and Sabuko Tokugawa infused that empty clone with Musashi´s Soul, thus giving him his former memories and skills. Archivo:Japanese battleships Yamato and Musashi moored in Truk Lagoon, in 1943 (L42-08.06.02).jpg De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre Ir a la navegación Ir a la búsqueda Lines. El Yamato (大和, ''?) Before long, the Japanese begin to reply with their 18.1” guns. Which side takes it? Re: Yamato and Musashi vs. Missouri and Iowa Post by tommy303 » Thu May 08, 2014 5:20 pm It is possible to produce cast armour, and was done for armour in complex shapes which would be difficult to form otherwise--gun mantlets, tank turrets, etc., but large flat plates or lightly curved plates were normally forged or rolled. Gunboats. 180 shells fired at 15km, locked onto a Fuso. Bismarck opens fire on Yamato and Tirpitz on Musashi, with Bismarck scoring an early hit on the Japanese flagship. Buy the Izumo and collect more free XP to get the Musashi 2. Yamato's 2.1 sigma dispersion (orange) vs Musashi's 1.8 sigma (red). Gentlemen, I call your attention to Reigo, the Deep Sea Monster vs. the battleship Yamato. Both ships are using Aiming Systems Modification 1 against an a target without camouflage. Would it be accurate to say that Yamato's accuracy comes from excellent rangefinder quality (and size), 'modern' fire control computers, and likely a well trained crew (due to it being such a valued ship in their eyes)? fue un acorazado de la Armada Imperial Japonesa durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial.Era líder de la clase Yamato y junto con su buque gemelo, el Musashi, fue el acorazado más pesado y fuertemente armado jamás construido gracias a su desplazamiento de 72 800 toneladas a plena carga y sus nueve cañones de 460 mm. 655 111. 3) Worse dispersion - Musashi’s 1.8 sigma vs Yamato’s 2.1 is definitely noticeable. Free XP the Yamato and get a permacamo for it (skip the Izumo, forget the Musashi) Basically I … Yamato 1942 vs. Musashi 1942, or Yamato 1944 vs. Musashi 1944. However, Musashi is a tier lower than her sister ship and somewhat weaker as a result. Ships were often modified when they were in port for battle damage repairs and upgrades. If you ever get the crazy desire to do AA spec, Musashi is awful in that while Yamato can give you some pretty decent AA for a Tier X BB. Nombrado en honor de la antigua provincia japonesa … Entre los años 30 y 40, la Marina Imperial Japonesa construyó dos enormes acorazados gemelos: Yamato y Musashi. Musashi Miyamoto (宮本 武蔵, Miyamoto Musashi) is a character and the main opponent from manga series of Baki-Dou. Ive researched the Izumo, but I still need to grind the credits for it. Same guns but the Musashi guns seem more accurate to me. With guns. Ese alcance es un poco más largo que las armas de 16 ″ en el Iowas, pero las manos de Iowas probablemente tenían el mejor control y radar de artillería (después de todo, eran los más nuevos del lote). At a tier where ships are well-armored and engagement distances are far, Yamato 's and Musashi 's vulnerabilities at close range as well as requiring good angles to do damage, the 155mm AP will be of little value. The IJN Musashi (武蔵) was a Yamato-class battleship for the Imperial Japanese Navy, and the sister ship of the IJN Yamato.Comissioned in 1942, she served as the flagship for the combined fleet and spent some time training her weapons and sailors. Musashi is the sister ship to Tier X Japanese battleship Yamato.As one might expect, the two share many commonalities. She’s going to be rather lagging behind like Canopus at Coronel. Gunner Bob. Never submarines, they said. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Spectacular Member Join Date May 2014 Posts 121. Musashi seems better than Yamato. A review can be found here. If you know how to citadel a Yamato, you will likely citadel a Musashi and vice versa; both have the same huge cit and the same frontal weakspot and the same thick belt armor. Anything Musashi can do in a build, Yamato can do better. Musashi-Yamato Station is a station on the Seibu Tamako Line, and is located 8.1 kilometers from the terminus of that line at Kokubunji.A limited number of through services to the Seibu Shinjuku line during the morning rush hour. What to do next: 1. Mensaje por Domper » 21 Oct 2020, 12:46. What have we done to deserve this, Wargaming? Apart from the Iowas and HMS Vanguard, the Bismarcks and the Yamatos were the … Her best option is to retire and stand by as a support unit. 11-abr-2018 - El Yamato fue un acorazado que sirvió en la Armada Imperial Japonesa durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Kind of like it. In short, even in Build Options, Yamato gives you more freedom than Musashi. I'm a sci-fi nut and have been watching Godzilla movies most of the week. Gracias a ese mecanismo, tanto el Yamato como el Musashi, cuando comenzaron a hundirse por efecto de los ataques aéreos a que fueron sometidos, pudieron mantenerse derechos en el agua hasta el fin, ... Yamato Vs. Iowa: choque de titanes. In most of them if not all the JSDF uses outdated military equipment until the … Yamato or Musashi vs. Iowa class battleships; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. NOTE: The Yamato was outfitted slightly differently over the course of the war. Most services operate between Seibu-Yūenchi and Kokubunji stations while some services terminate at Hagiyama. Slightly faster, 28.4 kts vs 27 kts. It even answers Chuck731's point around gun depression -- they use damage control flooding to make the ship list such that her guns can depress enough to strike the monster! The main armament was the same.

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