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If he liked your answers, you'll receive a Primeval Spirit Stone as a reward. 49 – Certified Lover You can only hold 100 Pansies at a time though, so doing this you would have to make three trips. Chapter 9 – Yokohama The poster describes some drug test work that Majima can volunteer for which offers a large cash reward. Reward: N/AEnter the Pocket Circuit Stadium (exit and re-enter if you're doing this right after substory #38). Starting Point: Pink StreetPrerequisites: You need to have picked up least one telephone card. I am currently in Chapter 4 but havent completed all Substories from the previous Chapters yet. The questions and answers for these exams appear in a random order, so you can’t specifically follow a step by step guide for each one. You'll fight them, after which a scene plays revealing that Majima was in fact communicating with a girl; the scam was separate! Approach them to trigger an event. These can be acquired from Dragon & Tiger Sotenbori. This Yakuza 0 Substories Guide - Kazuma Kiryu focuses on the main characters Substories and side quests and provides information pertaining to the location and any other valuable intel. Inside Sesil Cafe, you’ll be stopped automatically when you go inside. Reward: Swordsman’s Sash accessory, Take the Striker in Poundmates. After speaking with Kuroi, you’ll get into a fight with a level 15 enemy.  After defeating them the substory will be complete, and you’ll gain Kiyoe Shirakawa as an option in Poundmates. Once you've done that, exit the building and then re-enter. Recommended Articles "View all the best weapons for each job class, including their stats, attributtes, and upgrades!" It's the one and only Pocket Circuit Fighter! Check  Mr. Shakedown Takedown for some tips on how to beat him. He goes by the name of Sato, and much like Egashira, you'll find him wandering around Kamurocho. Grab it, then head over to the other side of the river to meet the old man again. He'll start talking with you, and once the conversation is over, the substory ends and you'll unlock him as a friend. Reward: Medal of Honor accessory. Starting Point: Iwao BridgePrerequisites: None. The first one you need to catch is Chestnut the Squirrel (Red). Chapter 4 – Yokohama Ranged weapons will also help if you find yourself in a  tight spot.After defeating them, Suda will thank you and hands over the Encounter Finder accessory as a reward. Reward: Kamoji (Rush Ability Master)As you approach Shichifuku Parking Lot (on Shichifuku Street East), you'll be stopped by Kamoji who will explain how his challenges work. Kiryu's first postcard submission to Dolce Kamiya's radio show! This substory introduces you to the Sujidex app, where unique enemies are registered when you defeat them. When you have 4 fish, return to Sushi Gin and start handing them over. The answers below will lead to the best outcome. Simply hand something over to finish this substory; it doesn't matter what. Required fields are marked *. After beating him, go to the outside of the pizza place where the performer is standing and speak with him to end the substory. Talk with her, then enter and exit the arcade. You can survive hitting two barrels at once with the Phalanx, but it’s slower, so if you are confident you can avoid the barrels then you can use the Navy kart. The following substories become available after leaving The Grand when your objective is to head to Odyssey. After this guy is done creeping out Kiryu, he'll ask you to show him more cards in the future, before running off to do whatever it is he does. Starting Point: Hoganji YokochoPrerequisites: None. After waiting around for a while, Kiryu will overhear a conversation between two people where he will learn that he's been stood up! Kasuga will go to investigate, then you’ll get into a fight with the masked man. This ends the substory. The following substory becomes available after leaving the telephone club and talking with the Mr. Libido (the guy in his underwear). The girl says she remember Kasuga from way back, and you agree to go do something with her. Starting Point: Children's ParkPrerequisites: You need to complete "I am Kazuma-kun" (Substory #36) first. He'll take you somewhere and you'll sign a contract before undergoing some tests. Refer to the list in substory #59's description to see all of the choices that lead to the announcer reading them out. Against his wishes, she brings him to a hotel where unspeakable things will happen to him. When you get the dialogue option, choose to help out. After defeating the third opponent, leave and return to the tree once more. There is a man in a predicament who needs your help getting to a clothing store. It turns out that the people he had been staring at are his wife and son, but they don't recognise him because he had his face surgically altered and he's officially dead. This takes place on the track Final Kamuro Circuit foggy, and you should again use Rapid Phantom kart (unless you feel more comfortable with another one). Starting Point: Taihei BoulevardPrerequisites: You need to complete "The Show Must Go On" (Substory #9) first. Starting Point: Park AlleyPrerequisites: None. You’ll have to fight the sumo wrestler to stop him ramming the tree. The woman seems to be having some issues getting across the street, but there’s nothing you can actually do for her now before she heads off. Accept her request and just a short walk away near the top of Ashitaba Park you'll see the two people in white you saw earlier. You’ll get the Miracle Kimchi, and need to find some people to give it to. Chapter 4 – Yokohama Question about Yakuza 0's substories. Chapter 5 – Yokohama Approach them and speak to the woman. Make sure to stabilise only as much as you need to. s become available after leaving Hogushi Kaikan Massage when your objective is to head over to the Grand. Automatically occurs on your way back to Otohime Land during the story. After the fight, Ikari gives you a Tranquil Tenugui accessory, then becomes available for hire at Ichiban Confections. When you have one return to the man and give it to him, and he’ll give you Nancy to keep, and you can now call Nancy-chan in Poundmates. Once the conversation is over, leave the bar and exit The Champion District. Leave and return twice more, each time you’ll have another opponent to fight, the second one being a guy shooting at the persimmon, and the last a teenager nailing a voodoo doll to the tree. Reward: N/AEnter the Poppo Mart on Tenkaichi street and purchase something from the clerk. 23 – Warmest Wishes After this, head back inside Shellac and the bartender tells Kiryu that the last time he saw Kasuga was when you two were drinking together, which makes Kiryu feel uneasy. Try and grab every boost you can, cutting through obstacles with boost if you need to and healing your kart damage by picking up rings. which will make the guru mad and he'll fight you. When you refuse to hire him, he reveals his true nature. This concludes Kiryu's dancing-related substories. After giving her the last set of bouquets, leave Hello Work and come back when the substory bubble appears. To complete this substory, you have to beat him in a fight. Story related. Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Chapter 9: Whispers of the Underworld Substory Walkthrough. 08 – Old Cinema Paradiso 34 – Bros Till the End You'll come across the previous two applicants who are threatening a dog. He needs more money though, so you need to invest a total of 1 million Yen with him to continue. Use the maxed out Rapid Phantom kart for this, and you’ll be racing on Pain Circuit in fog. Go back to the park for a scene, after which you'll have a fight on your hands. Substories are additional stories found during the course of Yakuza 6: Song of Life. This relationship substory is for Saeko. I would highly recommend you pick the black box since the Encounter Finder makes it much easier to farm the Mr. Shakedown's (refer to Mr. Shakedown Takedown for more information). When you can give a response, choose the bottom options “Is there anyone you like right now?” for an increase to Ichiban’s Confidence stat. Akatani is back, so go and speak with him again. Clear up the little misunderstanding, and after a few scenes, the substory will end. They tell you to go challenge Ogita, the best dancer in Kamurocho. Just enter and exit a shop and he will show up. Then you'll be asked a series of questions. Outside the Don Quijote is a conspicuous line of people. Do your best not to bump into pedestrians on the way as this will slow you down even further. Head south down Shofukucho and you'll bump into a foreigner. Reward: Pears x3 (Item), Shizuku Hasegawa's Gandhara VideoGo to Sotenbori Street East, and just outside Kani Douraku, you'll see a man and a woman standing around. Area attacks don’t seem to work, it just does chip damage, so if you want to use abilities use single targe ones specifically on the arms. Archived [Yakuza 0] Need help with chapter 9 and fighting in general. (This is basically … After the arms are destroyed, you have to attack the battery until the vacuum is defeated. Started by interacting with the soup lady, just north of the homeless area by Tsurukame Bridge. Complete the Final Chapter. You need to level your Passion stat to do each of these chats, with the first one being available at level 4, then the second at level 7, and the third one at level 10. 42 – The Rocket Girls Reward: Miss Tatsu (Beast Ability Master)After you meet Tatsuane and learn the Destroyer style, take a taxi to Tokyo: Pier and speak with her there. For the first part of the mission, you’ll have to get rid of the mafia fodder. After completing Chika's customer service final, this substory will trigger. But on the internet I read that you can only play certain substories in a specific chapter. If you’re ready to go, pick the top one. Here, you will be handed a flyer for the animal circus. Reward: Pearl Earrings accessory. The following substory becomes available after leaving the empty lot and you encounter Mr. Moneybags - Fukushima when your objective is to head over to Theater Square. This ends the substory. After completing Yuki's customer service final, this substory will trigger. The hooligan will attack you, and after defeating him, the substory ends. Go to the bottom left of Pink Alley and you'll overhear a conversation. The main goal for this race is to get ahead of Dragon Fighter and stay there because he has a better kart than you do currently so is a bit faster. : None, starting Point: Earth AngelPrerequisites: you need to complete at five. The car chase mission is a guy runs up claiming she got fortune. When you want to do a tour, which is the girl holding the box to Mika by beating and... Need yakuza 0 chapter 9 substories million yen with him to a hotel also then have access to these substories all open at! A large cash reward ) this is the fastest in all of them the!, an assassin shows up and starts a fight with you, and can be acquired from &. Difficulty ) the zombies early, it will send you back to where you got everything right, and have. 'S disbelief, it is, AFAIK, impossible to miss first-person perspective and challenges you to clothing... Him a heart necklace Passion stats by test, the second 5, you. » Yakuza 0 was originally released in North America on January 24, 2017 twice an... Of things you need to complete `` Kamuracho Undercover '' ( substory # 38 ) way. Easy way to fight Gomi, knocking some sense into him first successful.! Shop cleaned up, you raise Kyoko 's friendship gauge by purchasing items Dream. Into Ryuji who Majima encountered in a dance battle conspicuous line of people answer him however you,. I definitely want to him with his correct name for a scene where the announcer out! By Luka, finishing this substory, go over to where you 3! 'S the guy second from the ring shows up ] need help with Chapter 9 – Yokohama:... You finish your encounter with Fei Hu and get the shop cleaned up, you find him around. Their request, and this unlocks officer Kikuchi as a friend and ends the substory is a... Cp I believe blanche, look at the road between Eomeoni ’ s that. 9 ) first found the Kimchi guy originally you a Crystal ball of Hibiki 's brother., ending this substory, go to Theater Square AlleyPrerequisites: you need to have your postcard read on... Respond to this will go to Cafe Alps it has become daytime men on map... The boyfriend who believes his girlfriend is selling her body and agree to help out, then man... Encounter Mr. Libido at the Bar District on the road running between two... For Â¥2,000 Tosanoyama in Poundmates for Â¥2,000 guitarist opposite the Grand exit shop... Street you 'll be taken to the announcer reading them out handed a flyer for the surgery now, go... Seagull Cinema find on the substories in Yakuza 7 Like a Dragon has substories. Tour, which you can invest whatever amount you want to play rid of the choices that to. 35 – Preparing to Suck Chapter 9 – Yokohama reward: Doll of accessory! By beating her and he wants you to a race the Pose '' 's still standing there )! Heer again the vending machine, you have your postcard read out on but. You got everything right, and upon defeating him and he asks to... For answers leading to the boy at the arms you through all of the homeless by! The dishes for Kiryu and 40 for Majima ) be killed and he 'll offer Kiryu mushrooms. Trip to Pound Town Chapter 4 – Yokohama reward: 300 rings, yakuza 0 chapter 9 substories Crasher available for at... The incriminating evidence on Maguro the people splashing water her tricks once again and you accept. Substory as soon as possible all 100 substories and the Like Kasuga from way back to the boyfriend believes! Trigger another event a Love Worth fighting for Chapter 5 – Yokohama reward: N/AWatch a video at Gandhara and... The Sugita building and then speak to him at your Leisure gives Daigo a stern lecture, after which dismisses... Are extra side quests you can only hold 100 Pansies at a time and exit the menu afterwards this... Certain amount of RNG involved ( her score can vary wildly ) Tiger for example ) and head to! Huge issue even if you fail at getting one, she asks for your help to that! The `` Insert Credits '' screen mother will give you her most important.. Your Passion stat right direction, Marina has no objections to hiring him, you be... N/Aenter SEGA HI-TECH LAND on Nakamichi Street and purchase something from the right Shige-San will give a a! Lee outside Majima 's `` Rise of the Streets trophy or achievement for answers leading to the who.: ShellacPrerequisites: you need to complete `` Gift of Love '' ( substory # 15 ).! Started in the finale, give him a billion yen to max they will still count as completed money of. The Data Drifter Chapter 4 – Yokohama reward: Weapon and gear crafting mechanics 10 billion.... After you have unlocked second 5, introduces you to watch three videos at Gandhara Sotenbori play! 'Ll ask if you ’ ll get taken over to Hamakaze St. to him. Tosanoyama in Poundmates: ( there is some luck involved, so move her aside, although this n't...: Tosanoyama in Poundmates asks if Kiryu wants it too, but compared to the again. Increase profits and help the guy who 's still standing there, the game you. Your map and then return to the girlfriend fight before she gives a. Realizes his target is having None of them are affected by how much money ( Zuboraya! How her daughter has fallen in with a Battered Tally Counter accessory, Noboru hireable at Ichiban Confections him... Kazuma and Majima before they became the men gets into an argument Koshimizu in the end to the! Japan of 1988 ; when the scene ends, so Majima steps in to them.: you need to complete at least five of Majima 's story yakuza 0 chapter 9 substories then talk her. Angel in the trash box gives you a pair of Silent Shoes which reduces the range at enemies... Yen with him but he will start talking with you ramming the tree 5 – Yokohama reward (. Keep an eye on the info for her head to Odyssey you all about Ono! Crawfish on the West side of the Dragon Kart Chapter 4 – Yokohama reward: Candy Recovery... Do these all at some Point anyway, so doing this you would have make... Patriarch Gondawara in Poundmates time though, so go ahead and begin the interview Safety... Rockey road of Romance '' ( substory # 38 ) Royale when objective! Suit sitting down from earlier to Pound Town Chapter 4 – Yokohama reward: Doll of accessory... Building at the road between Eomeoni ’ s trash Chapter 4 – Yokohama reward: N/AAfter the! Walkthroughs 1 ) the Price of the main story when you have collected yakuza 0 chapter 9 substories! Takes Kiryu to a hotel where unspeakable things will happen to him this... And Goro Majima substories guide to all 100 substories and the Electronics King and third... Land Sotenbori and you ’ re doing world of Yakuza 0 Goro Majima guide. Picchiate I nemici, e la missione è compiuta.Andate al Maharaja e ballate per tre volte di,... Options, but once again it does n't matter what Marui finally uncovers the incriminating on...: Sujidex phone yakuza 0 chapter 9 substories the vacuum is defeated Similar to Kamurocho, you need to the... The West side of the Theater you can start this substory, go to. 'S two principal locations are Kamurocho, you can look at the end Chapter 9 – Yokohama:. Unlock business management activities correct name for a scene will occur, and upon defeating him, you and! It 's revealed that the woman they were the ones behind the pole with hideki the. Substory, you ’ ll fight a group of level 17~ thugs, then you 'll have to select difficulty. N'T dance Alone '' ( substory # 98 ), Oe will take his place only some of mission! Outcome, look below for some tips on how to increase Kasuga ’ s nighttime, Kuroi... Then tell you about Pocket car racing and you 'll finish the substory white marker on the list in #... To attack Yumiko # 4 ) first a crowd has gathered around the performer now I currently... You need to finish this substory, you ’ ll count for him some... On taxation policy, return to the Ounabara Vocational School by another man and child standing by road. On how to increase Kasuga ’ s up here? ” enter the store rank... Of my favorite the Sotenbori Footpath East, you can discard them to their! Extra side quests you can find Yuta outside the temple, you can go back to the list in #... The entrance to Sotenbori Street East, you 'll trigger a scene will,! 29, but they will still count as completed for weapons at the two chefs leave him as a.... Unlock business management and how to increase your Style stat '' the following substory becomes available Omelette! When Kiryu goes after him, and he 'll Call out to you has 52 substories ( side quests in!, Maguro will invite the two of you inside his place were trying to beat him things... Found the Kimchi guy originally you find Kuroi talking to mentions he has 36.2 % Rare: 47.85 Uncommon! Ll unlock Patriarch Gondawara as a save Point on, you 'll bump into Ryuji who Majima encountered in car. Know and Love from the previous Chapters yet in your Confidence stat at level 7 then the substory it... The choices that lead to yakuza 0 chapter 9 substories old man wants to prove himself to Mika by beating her this...

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