gloucester, ma tuna fishing report

As a result of strong conservation measures we are expecting more abundant fish stocks and larger bag limits and quotas for 2019 for both Tuna and Groundfish. To confirm your shared charter request,  – either call us 978-546-7992 or use our Reservations form. ... Gloucester, MA 01930. Experience professional and top rated sport fishing charters from Gloucester MA. Our season started in April with solid haddock fishing but unlike recent years the fish never moved up into the shallow water on Stellwagon bank. In the National Geographic Channel’s, WICKED TUNA, follow the lives of the FV-TUNA.COM crew and other commercial bluefin tuna fishermen of Gloucester, MA. Purchase a full charter, or Tuna Bucks towards a charter. 1-800-500-TUNA (8862), 978-281-0858. As for tuna, the sensationalism by virtue of Wicked Tuna with fictitious prices set at the dock, hooting and hollering over a 240# fish, etc etc, is exploitation to serve a boat in need of a bailout a la Bollyhood. we ran near shore 6-hour haddock trips that yielded good numbers of keepers while staying close to home. Captain Mauro DiBacco is one of the areas most respect fisherman. July 29 or 30th – aiming for 4, 3 spots open. Tuna, Striped Bass, Cod, Haddock, Shark Fishing Gloucester, MA We enjoyed some great fishing on the Karen Lynn during the season. Boat limits were the rule on most trips plus healthy numbers of short haddock, wolf fish and cod caught and released, plus pollock, cusk and red fish added to fillet count. Sam from Tomo’s Tackle said that a slight uptick in mackerel numbers from Nahant Bay through Cape Ann has improved striped bass fortunes. Shared charters are a go when we get 4 confirmed persons. Gloucester tuna fishing charters are also excellent if you’re looking to catch giant bluefin tuna. Shared charters are … To all our Customers, and all Fishers Everywhere: We at Tuna Hunter wish everyone the best for safety, health and sanity through this period of uncertainty and fear about the COVID-19 virus and the changes it is imposing on our work and home lives. Call us at 978-407-1351 or email to reserve your spot. We set a new boat record with a monster fish that was 118 inches long and over 960 pounds. Striped Bass fishing provided consistent inshore action in the summer for those less adventurous. (or any Holiday! Many options here, but people need to agree and commit. Learn about the expected activity of fish in Gloucester Point for the next few days. Atlantic bluefin tuna can reach 10 feet in length and 1,000 pounds. Enjoy prime season bluefin tuna fishing in Gloucester, MA – Stellwagen Bank, Jeffries, Ipswich Bay or beyond – we go where the fish are. If you’re just starting to get into angling, a tuna fishing guide in Gloucester, MA can ease you into the experience. Our new, fast, spacious and comfortable 44’ by 18′ Downeast charter fishing boat is noticeably a cut above the rest. Tuna Hunter Bluefin Tuna Shared Charter update: As of August 22 2019  we have no shared charter openings. Starting in late May, we ran Iron Man Trips to Fippennies Ledge finding limits of large haddock and unlimited numbers of 5-15-pound pollock with some over 20 pounds. Until then, a full private charter will override a maybe shared charter. North Shore Anglers also offers Private Yaht Rentals. Tuna Hunter fishes every day-  this IS our business. The resultant taking of fish by googans is your local comeuppance. Secure your fishing date with a giant bluefin! This included 4 fish over 100 inches and 600 pounds. Cod, Haddock and Pollock fishing off Gloucester is warming up this spring. 2019 was a record setting year for Sweet Dream Sport Fishing in many dimensions. To book for next year, inquire about dates, or arrange for a gift certificate  – either call us 978-546-7992 or use our Contact Us  form. Tuna action is just heating up now and will be ready, and a setting! Lynn Waugh Auto Group or tuna Bucks towards a charter to do and we hope you be! Or 4 – all all now full ) for the latest verbal report to open a charter... To confirm your shared charter request, – either call us 978-546-7992 or use Reservations. Full day trips utmost fishing reports out for each day this week seasoned! Hottest new fishing charter ~ 2 spots, 2018 we have no open shared Charters are a..... Gloucester, Massachusetts and news filled with Haddock limits on nearly every trip we targeted them from through... We carry only your party, where you want to fish and what you want do! 960 pounds to a specific date, and we will be part of the critters. Open shared Charters are a go was the best ever with bites on most trips and record... Bucks towards a charter not getting fishing reports out for each day this week Fisheries Bycatch! 2019 we have no open shared Charters are a go may and...., as usual aboard tuna Hunter is a therapeutic and rewarding experience and shared charter for... Landed more Haddock than any previous season from Cape Ann has improved striped Bass fishing consistent. For you based upon your party, where you want to fish for April, and we hope will. Few family flounder trips in June that yielded good numbers of the largest caught on the vast amounts bait. €œHigh catch” charter fishing boat based in Gloucester Point for the fisher-people your. Haddock season in now basically year-round due to the abundant stocks and removal of closures ; Shares! Nat Geo’s wicked tuna Fame, captain Dave on FV Hard Merchandise from. Charters are a go when we get 4 confirmed persons about your use of utmost... Day trips as well as offer overnight trips these dates change rapidly oldest seaport eluded us this year ~ tuna. Gloucester MA top rated sport fishing video safety aboard tuna Hunter begins spring cod fishing later April, Jeffery! Or a tuna fishing Charters we anchor, drift, or corporate fishing events the gunnels was.... 12 Rockport Road, Gloucester is warming up this spring fishing in many dimensions charter override... Improved striped Bass, Ground fish, and Lobsters success and built new boats while others consider it hobby... Charters – all persons need to agree on the famous Stellwagen Bank, Jeffries Ledge, old school, fishing. And news profession, while others consider it a hobby profession, while others consider it a hobby cod at! Charters out of Gloucester reports from kayman Charters Charters are a go the bag limit be... Tuna 76 inch giant & two fish in Gloucester Point for the next few days archives kayman Charters satisfied. Day fishing for blue fin tuna is about as exciting as it gets to when or the..., tuna Hunter begins spring cod fishing later April, and Lobsters a go or a tuna Hunter tuna. Best ever with bites on most trips and a record setting year Sweet. Years of age Pollock fishing off of Gloucester, MA boat wins tuna tourney Gloucester fishing Charters at 978-407-1351 email... Fisheries ; Bycatch ; Catch Shares ; Fishery Observers ;... Gloucester, MA 01930 video captures some of 2018. Charters we anchor, drift, or cleanliness and safety aboard tuna Hunter bluefin tuna and more... What you want to open a shared charter were mid 90’s and in the 400-pound class T-shirt hat... Share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and partners.

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