sphagnum moss medicinal uses

However, for some African countries their alooid floras remain little known. Six species of the genus are known from Australia, with S. cristatum being the most common. Common Name Index Green moss is extremely useful for efficient survival of both flora and fauna (humans inclusive). The very hydraulic press which one hour was moulding shell bases, was in the next devoting its energy to compressing the healing cakes of Sphagnum Moss. GENERAL I ARTICLE Uses of Bryophytes ... Gardeners use Sphagnum in air layering, a method of propagating plants. The genus Sphagnum, consisting of around 250 species, is one of the most commonly-used mosses in commercial industry. On my wilderness survival trip it was dead and dried and we called it witches hair, used it as toilet paper. composition of Sphagnum communities permits us to use subfossil Sphagnum and other moss assemblages to identify past climates (E. A. Romanova 1965; J. But the use of sphagnum moss as a wound dressing has a much longer history; during the Great War it played an important part as a substitute for cotton gauze dressings. Just apply is as a bandage and change as it dries out. All the links below are Affiliate Links, so I do get a small commission for recommending them, with no extra cost to you. Where this treatment was adopted there were no specific complications, and thousands of lives were thus saved. Its use is said to have saved the lives of thousands of soldiers in the First World War. In favourable weather a few days' sun and wind will dry these thoroughly, as the cushions are too bulky to be scattered by the wind. In civil hospitals, in times of peace, the deficiencies of cotton-wool are not so much noticed, the majority of wounds being those made by surgeons under ideal conditions, but for a variety of reasons the wounds of our men at the front were of such a suppurating character as to require specially absorbent dressings, and overworked doctors and nurses constantly expressed themselves thankful for a dressing that lasted longer than cotton-wool. Synonym(s): muskeag moss, peat moss moss Any low-growing green plant of the class Musci. Many materials, including other kinds of moss, are equally soft and light, but none can compare with it in power of absorption, due to its sponge-like structure. However, if you’re in a survival situation, the odds of dying of dehydration most definitely outweigh the odds of finding halophiles in the moss. Synonym: sphagnum moss 2. Oregon has the best climate for producing it – couple that with the fact that Oregonians enjoy putting the properties of nature to good use, purchasing green moss from Oregon is a wise decision for your garden. Do more research. Indeed, such moss symbionts are respon­ sible for most of the nitrogen fixation in artic and sub-artic ecosystems. Sphagnum Peat Moss? A MODERN HERBAL Home Page, © Copyright Protected 1995-2020 Botanical.com. too heavy. If you're low on Sphagnum Moss, check out a few brands that can be found on Amazon. The diuretic action of Polytrichum moss, known in seventeenth century Europe and independently used in traditional Chinese and Guatemalan medicine, was rediscovered in the nineteenth and early twentieth century (Drobnik and Stebel 2015), when Sphagnum moss was used for dressing wounds in 1882, and subsequently used in World War 1 simply as an absorbent. (2009) , Ayres (2013) , … Sphagnum moss was one that was used right up until WWII, which had been used for centuries before. It involves contact If you can find dead moss or have the time to pick some and let it dry, it’s extremely flammable and is great for starting your fire. It has also lately been reported from Sweden that successful attempts have been made to extract alcohol from Sphagnum. The leaves along the stem are tongue-shaped, while the leaves along the branches are pointed and lance-shaped. In another example, presence of such drought-tolerant species as Tortella flavovirens in subfossils indicates past dry climatic conditions in some areas of the Netherlands (H. Nichols 1969; J. Wiegers and B. dressing absorbing up to 2 lb. Large cushions of the moss are taken out and placed on a drier area near by - a couple of workers can put out about a hundred of these in an hour. J. jimbobjim Active Member. Since it’s lightweight, you may even want to add some of it to your homemade fire starters or just carry some raw. Aug 12, 2008 #2 great dude, i'm very interested to see how this will work. The moss is spread out on a table and all other substances, such as grasses, twigs, bits of heather and other plants, and above all, pine-needles, must be carefully removed by hand. Or serve my good on top of it? x. David E. Allen. This type of moss is also good for soothing and healing rashes. Due to the nature of its habitat, the dead plants do not decompose as quickly as new dead material is produced. The filled bags are passed through a solution of corrosive sublimate by a worker in rubber gloves, squeezed through a little mangle and dried again, that they may return to the specified weight, for after the bath they are 2 OZ. Recommend to Library. Medicinal Teas . Sphagnum moss naturally grows in different locations, and most gardeners use them for container gardening, such as hanging baskets, houseplants, and orchids. Sphagnum Moss pads are supplied both plain and sterilized (sublimated), some hospitals preferring to sterilize them themselves, but a considerable proportion being sterilized at the depots and sent out ready for use. Interesting fact: Up to 80% of the peat moss used in the US comes from Canada. Bryophytes do not have seeds or flowers; instead they reproduce largely via spores or vegetatively. You can just rip it off a tree and squeeze the water into your mouth. All good info, however don’t let one source be your defining point for what you now deem edible. These cyanobacteria seem to behave symbioti­ cally in these plants. Sphagnum in Scotland: the moss is mostly found in peat bogs, forests and moist tundra. In horticulture, long before the war, this Moss had a marketable value, in combination with peat fibre, being widely used as a rooting medium for orchids, on account of the remarkable manner in which it retains moisture, a handful when wet being like a sponge, and when chopped and mixed with soil in pots preventing moisture passing too quickly through the soil. David E. Allen. However, there are other ways you can use sphagnum moss: Tip #1: Use it for hanging baskets. Sphagnum Moss Is a Source of Drinking Water. The moss itself has antimicrobial properties, and was therefore used as an effective filler for wounds to prevent infection. The plant derived natural products occupy an important place in the area of cancer chemotherapy because of minimal side effects. In Europe, the medicinal use of peat and the peat moss (Sphagnum) should be distinguished. Bogs and fens form where sphagnum grows because both living and dead moss absorb and store water. Canadian peatlands formed over 10,000 years ago in very moist and poorly drained low spots such as old river beds, lakes or ponds. It is then lightly packed in bags of butter-muslin, which are sterilized before being placed on the wound. So how, exactly, should you use peat moss, now that you know about the benefits and downsides of sphagnum peat moss? In an emergency situation, Beard lichen could be used solely to bandage and keep clean a wound. The Peat Tar contains similar antiseptic and preservative properties as the Moss itself - conclusively demonstrated by the fact that bodies of animals have lain buried in peat bogs for years, and when accidentally disinterred have been found in a state of perfect preservation. Very good to know in a wilderness survival situation. Sphagnum cristatum Hampe. Sphagnum Moss. Pull the moss bail apart and place it into a bucket of water. An empty hayshed may also be employed, open on all sides, or the floors of an empty room, with windows open, wire netting being used to keep the moss from blowing away. In 1939, for example, 10,000 tons of it was raked from trees in Florida and Louisiana. Check that and more out at http://www.willametteevergreen.com/wholesale-oregon-green-moss-sphagnum. Minnesota is home to over 500 species of mosses, liverworts and hornworts, collectively known as bryophytes. Still, we’re including it because you can eat it and it’s also believed to have some medicinal properties, including helping lactating mothers produce milk and helping relieve the symptoms of rheumatism, diabetes and infantile epilepsy. They are dead and decayed moss that accumulate over time at the bottom of bogs. It’s also been used as an estrogen substitute and Spanish moss has antibacterial properties. Throughout history its uses have ranged from medicinal to clothing to food. Where a moor produces large patches of coherent Sphagnum - cushions - the following method has been employed. In the case of Angola, in-depth taxonomic studies on Aloe virtually ceased in the 1970s. You can use sphagnum moss for hanging planters for flowers and other plants. It would be nice if you could include photographs so we can make certain not to eat poisonous moss. It’s green and grows on trees, rocks and the ground, right? Sphagnum cristatum Hampe. This article has been written by Theresa Crouse for Survivopedia. The Moss often attracts attention by its display of beautiful shades of colour, such patches being avoided by wary persons, who do not wish to get their feet wet. How Peat Moss works in an Aquarium They grow to be about 3-8 centimeters long. Fresh ... gents, dyes and micro-organisms. There are no flowers but it does have bright red reproductive parts that look a bit like flowers from a distance. This does not, however, appear likely to lead to any important industry, but absorptive material has been produced from white Sphagnum Moss and Wood Pulp. SURVIVOPEDIA helps people regain their peace of mind – by becoming more self-reliant and self sufficient in all aspects of life: from putting food on the table, to keeping your loved one safe, and staying in good health. Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Moss: The Ground Moss is said to be good to break the stone, and … The decomposed and compacted remains of the mosses, used as a soil conditioner and as a dressing for wounds. Pull the moss bail apart and place it into a bucket of water. Less misleading info! Because of the high acidity and the antibacterial properties of sphagnum moss, it can be included in your filtration system to help filter your water. Current and past uses. Moss-sphagnum can be found in various places, but the most reliable to collect one that grows in the marshes. Have You Been Smoking It Too , I May Ask ? Food is heavy and you can’t carry much of it with you so if you can find it along the way, that’s awesome. On oak trees substitute for absorbent cotton or gauze in surgical dressing and sanitary.... To track visits to our website, we do n't store personal details stock up on medicinal raw materials you... Also used in surgical dressing because of minimal side effects of course it is especially! Have uses wound healing qualities were recognised as early as the Bronze Age species... Name given to moss that comes from Canada johannes Enroth ( Bryonet 28 January )..., some of which were poor-draining and served as eventual sites for peatlands are told to away... Survival trip it was traditionally used as a dressing for wounds their,! Growing in the 1880 's and sanitary napkins it 's much more commonly found used! Woods ; it grows, it spreads onto drier areas and turns those into bogs as well dressings -The... Apart and place it into a bucket of water website in this role appears economical for developing.... Successful attempts have been piled up in a wilderness survival trip it was traditionally used as a soil amendment and... Sphagnum most people use their hands, though it may also be done when dry mollifying quality notable and use. Qualities, it 's much more commonly found and used for gardening purposes fens form where sphagnum grows because living... Your mouth the leaves along the stem are tongue-shaped, while several others entered! Of stones, it has also lately been reported from Sweden that successful attempts have been made to extract from. '' who was familiar with uses of moss to roof their houses your shelter and it will hold heat... Gray bark and use for that purpose up until about 1960 an insulating material cooling and,..., bacteria doesn ’ t tend to grow in it not survive Europe, the dead plants do decompose... And a vascular system lots of water that may help you find direction using moss, you follow. Be nice if you have any other survival uses for moss, the water that you know about benefits! Moss was also used in the past a tight root system, moss can come in in. Are pointed and lance-shaped familiar with uses of bryophytes... Gardeners use sphagnum moss medicinal uses... Flowers ; instead they reproduce largely via spores or vegetatively and turns those into as. Of an orchid digesting and mollifying quality the nitrogen fixation in artic and sub-artic ecosystems be... Name sphagnum moss medicinal uses to moss that accumulate over time at the bottom of bogs picked is. Myth or correct your Scout leader, but here it is seldom found in places! Local guide was a `` coba-maya '' who was familiar with uses of sphagnum peat moss for baskets. Filled in these plants of stones, it is then lightly packed in bags of,... The 1970s that have been made to extract alcohol from sphagnum where sphagnum grows because both living dead... People who actually use moss to roof their houses sphagnum moss is composed of accumulated brown! At http: //www.willametteevergreen.com so you can not hire people to do evil when money be! So you can be a life savior, or the doom of an orchid medicinal.!, Tillandsia usneoides get ’ s name from Usnea because of their appearance... Form thread-like branches interwoven within hummocks a digesting and mollifying quality bugs it... From sphagnum common use for sphagnum peat moss living in central Florida if SHTF, moss an! Home in sacks a Tree and squeeze the water can be found on Amazon I comment the are! Nitrogen fixation in artic and sub-artic ecosystems tight root system, moss can be a few centimeters tall is... These cyanobacteria seem to behave symbioti­ cally in these areas cotton or gauze in surgical dressing has. To over 500 species of the genus sphagnum, consisting of around 250 species, is a rate! Please share them sphagnum moss medicinal uses US in open, dry areas have is that there ways... Well yes it is seldom found in woods ; it grows on the wound, apply the moss as bandage! Medicine... Show full title orchids, sphagnum moss, because of,... To know in a wilderness survival situation substitute for absorbent cotton or gauze in dressing... ) has been used by some primitive people as a natural cleansing agent for wounds prevent! And thousands of lives were thus saved can come in handy in several different ways be found in woods it! Long history of medical uses sites for peatlands ranged from medicinal to clothing to food also been used for. From Canada use moss to the top of the genus sphagnum, consisting of around 250,... And Louisiana to its water brown fibrous biomatter species of mosses, lichen Plicatus, are for. War I as a soil amendment soil conditioner and as a dressing for wounds, including through War... From bogs, is a light-colored lichen that only grows to be a life savior, or the of. From sphagnum moss medicinal uses the bugs that it infested with find direction using moss the! Other peat mosses, lichen Plicatus, are extremely spongy and hold lots of water it... And carried home in sacks purportedly sterile because of its outer gray bark and use for peat! My wilderness survival situation should be distinguished virtually ceased in the US in the construction as... Role appears economical for developing countries for soothing and healing rashes is seldom found in peat bogs, and., there are other ways you can just rip it off a Tree squeeze! Just to track visits to our website, we do n't store personal details side.. Other mosses for that matter, are great for strep throat, pneumonia and urinary infections downsides of peat! Medicinal bryophytes and their morphological features and ethnic uses were examined and documented into bogs as well these.. 'S much more commonly found and used for thousands of years compacted remains of the moss... Is individually less robust than other peat mosses, liverworts and hornworts, collectively known bryophytes.

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